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“Auka” comes from an Old Norse word meaning to grow or augment - a term that perfectly sums up the band’s organic and distinctive approach to music-making, where folk melodies gradually swell from intimate and sublime to turbulent and powerful. 

Since releasing their acclaimed debut album Evergreen in 2021, the Sheffield trio have honed their sound performing at festivals and venues across the UK. Kirsty Lomax’s lyrical Irish flute and whistle melodies are accompanied by intricate and precise rhythmic guitar from Matt Gilchrist – which is further underpinned by expressive jazz-folk double bass from Joss Mann-Hazell (Mishra). The three instruments weave between melodic and accompanying roles to create a diverse and compelling sound. 
Autumn 2o23 saw the release of Auka’s highly anticipated second album, Wild Waters. This recording was fueled by their passion for the rewilding and Right to Roam movements, in particular the need for access to blue spaces for wild swimming. The music is influenced by the ephemeral nature of rivers and streams, and pays tribute to the importance of protecting our wild waters.

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